Streamline Your Day in the Ram 1500

Do you get in and out of your truck many times every day in Stettler? The Ram 1500 can make your life a little bit easier. This popular light-duty pickup truck is built for convenience, so you can handle everything from loading to access with ease.

If you've ever had a hard time climbing into a tall vehicle, the Ram 1500 has you covered. With the available power side running boards, you always have an easily accessible step on hand.

Do you ever need to load items in and out of your truck bed? With the Ram 1500, the loading process is a breeze. This truck comes with an available multifunction liftgate — just swing the two doors open to the side. Then, you can reach into the bed without straining. See how this function can make your day more efficient by test driving the Ram 1500 at Stettler Dodge Ltd. today.


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