When it comes time to look for a new car, the Chrysler 300 is one that should go on your list. You will want to consider the reasons why so many people are turning to this vehicle as the luxury sedan of their choice. You will notice the safety features alone highlight the many reasons why this car is so comfortable to drive.

With the Chrysler 300, you can now park just like you were a professional driver. The technology will alert you to indicate stationary objects and vehicles that might be either in front of or behind you. There is also a rear cross path detection feature that is available to you.

With the adaptive cruise control, you will be able to slow down and speed up automatically. This all happens automatically as the Chrysler 300 will work to keep you a safe distance behind the car in front of you. Test drive this sedan when you visit Stettler Dodge Ltd. and experience these features in action.


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