Rebuild Your Credit Score

Are you looking to rebuild your credit score but not sure where to start? Start by browsing our new inventory at Stettler Dodge and find your perfect fit vehicle. We strive to help all customers with their automotive needs by offering competitive pricing and friendly service. Even after leaving our dealership, we will support your vehicle's ownership with our certified service and parts centres.

How can a car loan help me rebuild credit?

A car loan can help you rebuild credit by giving you regular monthly payments, longer payment history, a debt load, and a broader credit mix.

Advantages of using a car loan to rebuild credit

There are many advantages to using a car loan to rebuild credit, starting with the fact that it is a secured loan, which means that you will have collateral against the loan, resulting in a lower interest rate due to the lower risk. Another advantage is that car loans are easier to get approval for, and many dealerships now offer to finance all different credit scores.

Is a car loan a good way to rebuild credit?

Rebuilding credit with a car loan is a wise choice since you will also get a vehicle to benefit from, on top of rebuilding your credit. With a car loan, you will be able to refinance at a lower rate as your score improves, and you will have a better chance of scoring another loan for other purposes.

Financing Options

To get more information about how a car loan can help you rebuild your credit, don't hesitate to contact us. You can also fill out a financing application to get the funding you need for your desired vehicle from our inventory.

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