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Sneek Peak at the New All Electric Wagoneer

Sneek Peak at the New All Electric Wagoneer

Sneek Peak at the New All Electric Wagoneer 

Sneak Peak At The New All-Electric Wagoneer


While browsing through our New Inventory at Stettler Dodge, you will find an array of excellent SUV models that pack incredible power and luxury, making them excellent options for anyone searching for a family SUV. A recent model that has joined our selection is the Wagoneer, a three-row luxury SUV with incredible performance and capability. However, you can expect to view the all-electric Wagoneer soon in our inventory, providing you with the same luxuries while enjoying an emission-free commuting experience. Our dealership is located in Stettler, Alberta, and we provide access to our latest models and services to clients from the surrounding areas of Bashaw, Lacombe, Alix, Big Valley, and Red Deer.


Unique Styling Elements


The styling of the all-electric Wagoneer will share the same rugged yet modern design of the current Wagoneer, but it will differ in the exterior with a major styling element. Setting the all-electric Wagoneer apart from the rest is an ambient LED-lit grille that has a similar shape to the regular Wagoneer grille, but it's enclosed and houses an LED bar that runs across the bottom of the hood. With this unique exterior feature, the all-electric Wagoneer will have a distinctive appearance highlighting its all-electric powertrain.


All-Electric Performance & Range


Although the specific powertrain of the electric Wagoneer isn't yet announced, it's estimated that this SUV will have an output of around 600 horsepower, which is even more impressive since it's coming at instant delivery from the electric powertrain. Also, you can expect the electric version of the Wagoneer to have an estimated driving range of around 643 kilometers, allowing you to tackle your weekend adventures and daily drives confidently.


Contact Us


Contact us to learn more about the all-electric Wagoneer and the most recent announcements about this special SUV model. Not only will it be a powerful SUV, but you can expect it to deliver the same luxury offered by the current model Wagoneer.


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