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Tips For Driving in Snow: How To Stay Safe

Tips For Driving in Snow: How To Stay Safe


Driving in Snow: How To Stay Safe


At Stettler Dodge, we are your go-to dealership for shopping for vehicles and accessing helpful automotive services, including winter tire changeovers. Our dealership is located in Stettler, Alberta, but we extend our support to clients from the surrounding areas of Bashaw, Lacombe, Alix, Big Valley, and Red Deer. Be sure to visit us regardless of your needs, and our friendly associates will gladly assist you during your visit.


Install Winter Tires & Replace Wiper Blades


Installing winter tires onto your vehicle will be essential since it will give you maximum traction and grip to drive on snow confidently. Also, you should ensure that your winter tires are in good condition to have a safe driving experience this winter season. Wiper blades are also important for driving through winter and should be replaced with a winter-specific set to have proper windshield visibility during drives.


Check Fluids & Top Off


Before leaving on a drive, it's a good idea to inspect your vehicle visually and check the fluid levels of various systems. A few fluids that you should check include engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield wiper fluid. Although a healthy running vehicle should not leak or need a top-off often, you should always check your windshield wiper fluid to ensure you have enough for your drive to have proper visibility throughout your entire commute.


Drive According To Conditions


Since driving through snow can be challenging, consider slowing down and taking extra space from vehicles around you to avoid a potential accident. Not only will slowing down help you control your vehicle better while on snow, but it will also provide you with more space to avoid hazards on the road.


Contact Us


Be sure to contact us to learn more about driving through snow and schedule an appointment with our Service Centre to prepare your car for winter.


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