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Top 6 Wheel Bearing Warning Signs & Symptoms

Top 6 Wheel Bearing Warning Signs & Symptoms

Top Six Wheel Bearing Warning Signs & Symptoms

Grinding or Squeaking Noises

Grinding noises are one of the most significant warning signs that a wheel bearing on a vehicle is going bad. Various suspension components can make grinding or squealing noises when they are going bad, so make sure to have your car inspected as soon as you hear the first signs.

Uneven Steering Input

Experiencing a pull to either the right or the left as you are driving is a sign that your vehicle's wheel bearing is worn out or that your car needs an alignment.

Steering Wheel Vibrations

If your steering wheel vibrates while driving and begins to vibrate harder under acceleration, then your vehicle's wheel bearing may be very worn out.

Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tire wear signifies that a wheel bearing or other suspension components on a vehicle are worn out.

Shaky Braking

If your vehicle vibrates as you are braking, or if your car shakes as you apply your brakes, then its wheel bearings may be worn out. However, this is not a tell-tale sign as uneven brake hardware wear can also cause a vehicle to vibrate as it slows down.

Uneven Brake Pad & Brake Rotor Wear

If your vehicle's wheel bearings are worn out, then you may notice its braking components are beginning to wear down unevenly. Bad wheel bearings can allow a braking system to activate improperly, forcing one side of the system to apply more pressure to its braking components than the other side.

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