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Winter Tire Safety Tips

Winter Tire Safety

Winter Tire Safety Tips in Stettler, Alberta

Stettler Dodge dealership is the top tier and most preferred Jeep dealership in Stettler, Alberta. We serve the following areas and their environs but are not limited to Bashaw, Lacombe, Alix, Big Valley, and Red Deer. When it comes to driving in the winter, your tires are the only point of contact with the road, making them the most critical factor for safety. However, the market is blotted with many winter tire options, making it challenging to know which tire best fits your vehicle. Below we shall be helping you understand the different options and find the best winter tires for you.

Why You Need Winter Tires

The main reason why people switch to winter tires during the cold and slippery conditions is primarily because of their performance during those treacherous conditions. But what makes them so good?

Their Specific Design

Most people with all-season tires often ask themselves why they should upgrade to winter tires. The truth is that you need them because winter tires are specifically designed for performance in not only low temperatures but also in slush, ice, and snow. Despite what the name says, all-season tires thrive in a wide range of driving conditions like light snow and wet roads, but their performance isn't that great during Canada's harsh winters.

Tread Pattern

Winter tires come with a particular tread pattern that is single directional, pushing the snow and ice out of the tire's path for maximum traction. Additionally, they have a deeper tread depth, which allows the tire to go deeper and find traction for optimum snowy road performance. On top of this, winter tires are manufactured using specified compounds to withstand extremely low temperatures. The treads on all-season tires are much closer to each other, making them ideal for pushing away water and gripping the road in autumn, spring, and summer.

Savings On Car Insurance

Apart from offering road safety for both your passengers and you, winter tires can also be used to save some money on your car insurance. In some cases, winter tires can save you up to 5% on the premiums you pay on your car insurance by just having all four tires switched out for winter tires.

Difference Between Winter Tires & All-season Tires

Optimal Performance

When temperatures are below 7 celsius, all-season tires become hard and start to their grip. Winter tires will deliver better traction in that temperature range, but they should be swapped back once the temperature rises above 7 celsius.

Weather Conditions

All season tires are suitable for mild winter weather, slush, heavy rain, and light snow, while winter tires can be used in severe winter weather, heavy snow, and ice.

Tread Pattern

The pattern on all-season tires includes traction edges, slotted shoulders, and sipes. However, the winter tires pattern features a unidirectional design that is open and has sipes and v-grooves for maximum traction.

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